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Home Care is More Attainable Than Ever

Is the process difficult?

Yes, with the number of forms the Veterans Administration requires, the process is difficult. However, going through the process with Utah Veteran Services on your side will make the process easier to understand and navigate. Start the process HERE!

How do I start the process?

  1. Complete the form. We make sure you meet the requirements set forth by the Veterans Administration and that you’re in the best position possible to receive Benefits for Assisted Living. Once we receive your intake form, we'll reach out to you.

  2. Navigate and monitor the process. We know how difficult it can be to ask for help. With UVS, we offer simple, hands-on guidance that clears the path for you to find the quality care you and your family members need. We’ll keep you up to date on deadlines, your application progress, and other helpful information worth organizing and tracking.

  3. Arrange for care. The most important part of the entire process is making sure you receive quality home care services. If you’re already associated with a home care agency, we’ll make sure you remain with the same company. If not, UVS sets you up with a quality provider in your area for convenient, reliable care to help with the activities of daily living.

It’s easier than ever to find quality home care services.

Many veterans think they are already receiving their maximum benefits and fail to apply for the Benefits for Assisted Living. 


Other veterans may start the application and due to the lengthy process may become discouraged and stop pursuing the benefits.

The best thing to do is to be positive and apply. The only way to see if you qualify is to apply!


Contact us TODAY to get your application started. 

What if I Don't Qualify?

Ready to Arrange Home Care Services?

How will we meet if I am unable to leave my home?

Due to Covid-19, Utah Veteran Services is extremely considerate of your safety. We will ensure that we conduct as much of the process over the phone or video chat. When it is time to collect a copy of your documents and have you sign the application, we will have masks, gloves, and maintain social distancing.