Veterans Home Care

Do you have trouble completing daily tasks?
From cooking to cleaning, we will help.

Find the Help you Need With UVS!

Are you getting the help that you need?

Utah Veteran Services provides direct help to Veterans or Veteran Surviving Spouses. We take care of everything from the initial onboarding, to qualification, and follow up during the review period to provide assistance if needed and work to maintain compliance so that you continue to qualify for the benefits you deserve!

What services do we offer at UVS?

Simple life essential duties may not seem so simple for some. Being unable to complete Activities of Daily Living can cause unnecessary stress. Especially if you do not have any support to complete simple daily tasks. When you choose to work with UVS, we take care of those tasks for you! We partner with professionals that offer services for:

  • Cooking and Meal Prepping

  • Sanitizing and Cleaning

  • Grooming 

  • Grocery or Essential Shopping

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Other Non-Medical Services

Are you aware of the benefits that you’re eligible for?

Let UVS help you find the benefits you deserve!

Comprehensive service that you can always rely on.

Utah Veteran Services puts heart into all we do for you. We start with a personal conversation and a thorough intake process. This allows us to help you find the benefits you deserve! As we work with you, we can identify what your needs are and provide a unique caregiver to meet those needs. Our network of personal care workers are individuals that are trained for in-home care focused on your needs. 

Do you know what services you’re eligible to receive?

Utah Veteran Services works hard for you to receive the benefits you deserve. Focusing on long-term benefits for an assisted daily living has made us knowledgeable of what it takes to qualify. UVS and our network of service care providers have your best interests at heart!

Why UVS?

Are you prepared for the worst and hoping for the best? Having benefits to assist with your daily living can help you be prepared for the worst while living the life you deserve! The services we offer can help get you connected with an established home care provider or help you qualify for financial assistance from the Veterans Administration.

Ready to Arrange Home Care Services?